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Pothole at 620 Northrup Ave NW Westside Connection

whole street needs attention,potholes,breaking up
OPENED about 14 hours ago #251499

Streetlight at 45 College Ave SE

Light going off and on all night for months now
OPENED about 16 hours ago #251498

Other at 2531 Longmeadow St NW

Large bonfire is causing smell of smoke in my house even with windows closed. I have health problems that are made worse by smoke.
OPENED about 21 hours ago #251497

Other at 2220 Glen Echo Drive Southeast Grand Rapids

The tornado sirens were barely audible at my house when they went off two weeks ago. Can one be put closer so it's easier to hear?
OPENED about 24 hours ago #251495

Pothole at 1251-1257 Lake Dr SE

Rectangular area with just gravel, hopefully slated for work soon but gravel washed out about 4 inches deep, right in the bike lane and no warning sign so IMPOSSIBLE to see. I had bike lights but still didn't see it and hit it, flying ove...
OPENED 1 day ago #251494
Pothole at 1251-1257 Lake Dr SE

Other at 103 College Ave SE

Sidewalk. Heave in excess 3". Trip hazard.
OPENED 1 day ago #251492
Other at 103 College Ave SE

Pothole at Robinson Rd SE East Grand Rapids Kent County

Several potholes on Robinson across from Lutheran church.
OPENED 1 day ago #251491

Other at 610 Plymouth Ave NE

Please forward this to the county drain commission. I reported this several years ago and they said it was their responsibility. As you can see in the picture the grate is plugged with debris.
OPENED 1 day ago #251490
Other at 610 Plymouth Ave NE

Other at 1817 Kreiser St SE

Broken glass in sidewalk for three weeks
OPENED 1 day ago #251489

Pothole at Hake Rd NE Midtown Grand Rapids

Deep pothole
OPENED 1 day ago #251488

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